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About the bikes

Bikes that measure power

At bspoke athletics is equipped with the most advanced indoor cycles available. Our bikes closely emulate the outdoor cycling experience. They are highly adjustable for fit and comfort and they are easy, safe and fun to use.

Training with power requires bikes that accurately measure exercise intensity in real-time. Our bikes are equipped to display a series of metrics including power output, heart rate, cadence and energy expended.

All the exercise information stored on the bike computer is available following the ride for tracking and analysis by you or bspoke athletics coaches and trainers.

Bike fit
All of our instructors are trained to assist you in finding your optimal fit on the bike. Our bikes offer micro-adjustability of seats and handlebars to get you into a comfortable and effective position that gives you the most comfort and will help to avoid injury. Once you have your fit we will keep it for you so setup at your next class will be quick and easy.