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Power-Based Group Cycling

Simple – Effective – Smart

Cycling at bspoke athletics is the next generation of spin classes that have become so popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Based on the same principles of exercise science used by elite athletes and their coaches, bspoke athletics introduces cycle training with power, the smartest and most efficient way to improve fitness on a bike. This provides an immediate and accurate measure of exercise intensity, finally enabling meaningful personalized training within a group environment.

Personalized cycling workouts
Each group cycling client will get a fitness assessment that provides a snapshot of their current fitness level and establishes their power training zones. We maintain smaller class sizes so you get more individual attention. Pre and post-ride questions are encouraged.

Group classes tailored to each rider
Exercise intensity and training zones are based on power, a direct and quantifiable measure of the amount of work that a person is doing on their bike. When each person is armed with knowledge of their own power zones, classes become highly effective personalized training sessions within a group environment. Each bike is equipped to display and store detailed ride data. Expert post-ride data analysis helps clients fine-tune their efforts.

Consistency in cycling classes
Consistency in experience is important. 

That’s why all our coaches and trainers go through our own training program before leading classes on their own.

Each scheduled class is based on consistent programming so no matter where you are in your program you will never feel off track or out of place.

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Can a test take you farther?
Beyond knowing your power zones we encourage clients to further their knowledge with more in depth testing: 

  • Metabolic Assessments for detailed profiling
  • Spin Scan Cadence Analysis for increased pedaling efficiency
  • Power Profile Tests for Competitive Cyclists
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