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Resting Metabolic Rate Test

How does your body idle?

The Benchmark Assessment begins with a Resting Metabolic Rate test?(RMR) during which you will recline on a comfortable lounge while wearing a neoprene mask (unique to you, never shared) while we accurately analyze your metabolic rate at rest. We will also determine your fuel mixture (fat vs. carbs) to get an accurate snapshot of what your body needs to support proper function. Once we factor in your normal daily level of physical activity, we can then calculate your total daily caloric needs (total metabolic rate).

The RMR results will be used to help determine the highest and lowest allowable caloric balance that can be safely maintained on a daily basis, to help you reach your weight loss/gain goals. Using this data we can also create a target date for those goals.

Accuracy is important. Unlike a generalized chart like the Harris-Benedict equation that uses age, height, weight and gender to ballpark RMR and can have a 1000 calorie margin of error. Too low an estimate can put your hard earned, calorie burning lean mass at risk. More importantly, you will protect your internal organs and can rest assured that your weight loss is a result of burning stored fat.