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Exercise Metabolic Rate Test

How tuned is your engine?

The Exercise Metabolic Rate test (EMR) is an 8-12 minute exercise protocol. The modality of the test is determined by the type of aerobic activity and equipment the client will use on an on going basis to achieve their fitness, weight loss and sport performance goals. Wearing your neoprene mask and a heart rate monitor you will begin exercising at a very light intensity. Intensity will increase gradually using pace or resistance to steadily increase your heart rate. We will monitor a series of metrics including volumes of oxygen and carbon dioxide, rate of respiration, and respiratory quotient. Through the test we will identify three major physiological markers.

Aerobic Base (AB)
Your AB is the point at which your body starts to burn fewer than 50% of fuel from fat. A strong AB is the foundation for your fitness and essential for anyone pursuing any endurance activity, from a spin class participant to the Tour de France.

Anaerobic Threshold (AT)
Your Anaerobic Threshold is your endurance break point. It is commonly referred to as lactate threshold. As you work close to, but under your AT, you are burning the maximum amount of sustainable calories, or generating the highest sustainable workload measured in either watts or pace.

VO2 Peak
After reaching your AT we keep working up to your peak effort, VO2 Peak (not VO2 Max, unless you are a Competitive Athlete) which will be the highest heart rate and volume of oxygen you achieve during the test. The test does not have to push you to a place that may be extremely uncomfortable and for some, possibly hazardous, as the system will estimate your VO2 max based on data collected throughout the test.

Test results are then used to determine exact heart rate and or power/pace training zones, specific to your genetic potential and level of conditioning. With that information, we are equipped to set programming goals specifically formulated to help you achieve all of your athletic and general fitness goals.