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Coaches & Instructors

Our focus is on your experience

At bspoke athletics, all our programming is based on training methodologies that are deeply rooted in proven and validated exercise science. So we have developed a staff training process designed to ensure consistency in programming and client experience.

bspoke athletics Staff Training
spoke athletics staff each undergoes specialized training over and above their academic degrees and sport certifications. Each understands the core principals and programs that are unique to bspoke athletics. They are familiar with the metabolic process and other important elements of exercise physiology and current best practices in fitness and endurance training.

People Keep it Fresh and Fun
Each coach or instructor will bring their own personality to classes. Video, music styles and playlists will vary, as will interval design, all ensuring a freshness that will keep workouts dynamic and fun.

Information Sharing and Education
Continuing and on-going education is a cornerstone of bspoke athletics. We are constantly exploring ways to improve what we do. There are many ways to achieve a goal, and we encourage our staff and clients to bring in new research and personal experiences to the process. So bring it on! We love to hear what you think.