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You are all Winners

I know many of you feel a sense of loss when you have to leave bspoke athletics and get back to the drudgery of your sad, everyday lives. It can’t be easy… (I pride myself on my empathy, as you all know, and I am showing how I feel your pain…Is it working?)

Ok. Good news. If you find yourself missing the delightful mix of enlightened fitness and performance info, delivered with an encouraging word and a smile, you can simply visit our website, bspokeathletics.com, and read my blog.

Today’s entry is a celebration of some of your wonderful achievements of late.

As we can measure and quantify all of the on-bike work in our power-based group cycling classes, we can determine whether or not goals were successfully reached. We can also keep score when the class has a competitive element. As you are competing on a level playing field, the real competition is yourself. But we can still compare your personal success next to your neighbours, and hope to take them down HARD!

So who has earned a place on the wall of fame in this first blog post?

Christine, a bspoke athletics veteran, is back from Ottawa, and is already re-establishing her dominance in competition! Some may remember her as the winner of our Tour de France challenge of last summer, and it seems that she is starting strong this season. After completing 3 perfect sweet spot intervals (points are lost for every watt over or under the target power), she was forced in to a tie breaker with Pam, Bernie Y, Steven S, and Ted (who screwed up his 2nd interval by 1 watt, but the group took pity and let him sprint). Her power to weight in peak 5 second sprint clinched it for her.

But it’s not only the Veterans that have been winning at bspoke athletics

Josh, one of our newer Clients, has recently distinguished himself in a sweet spot competition as well. I made him switch fingers in the photo above…we are still working on ‘sportsmanship’ with Josh. Kids today…

Other recent winners include:


…Dianne. By the way, her pipes are courtesy of Chris’s 360 degrees sport conditioning classes. Dianne now dominates on the bike, both indoors and out.

And Carol…

…who savoured her victory and was not above rubbing it in to the competition. This contest had 1 winner and a tie for last place amongst 2 strong male opponents (no names here…but one rhymes with cob, but starts with an’R’, and the other is like Earnie, but with a ‘B’ in front…)

In my book, you are all winners. I look forward to a summer of good times and good health with you all. Until next time…

Enjoy the ride.

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